What We can

We provide wide range of services for our clients and are ready to solve all the necessary tasks starting from the idea and sale and ending with support. Below we present the main categories of services with the help of which we meet challenges of our clients.


Providing to the world of high-speed internet up to 10 Gbit/s:


First of all AYOL NET provides communication services for business. The main priority of our development has been chosen quality, not quantity. Over years came understanding of the nuances of every sphere we work with, no matter if it is a large factory complex, builder or mini office of first-time project. We never cheat on our Clients by discrepancy between stated and actual speed, hidden payments, prohibitively bloated tariffs and "enslaving" contractual relationsand procedures.


Construction of fibre-optic communication lines:


Depending on the specifics of the object and the projectAYOL NET applies variety of laying fibre-optic communication lines technologies such as: laying of fibre-optic communication lines (FOCL) along the wall of the building, air strip, underground laying in sewer communications or collectors. The combination of these methods affords to solve effectively the given tasks on the objects of any complexity. Besides, any installation comes through mandatory verification and thorough testing of all the components. AYOL NET also provides leasing services of own fibres with further option of optical fibre cable purchase and construction of lines FOCL to be booked on the balance of your company. For detailed information about FOCL technology, please refer to our glossary.


Construction of communication channels L2 between branches:


If you require integration of the computer and phone networks of offices and branches, to organize electronic document flow and to control all the business processes of your company, take advantage of AYOL NET solutions of virtual channels and private corporate networks (VPN) arrangement. This will allow you to provide cooperation between divisions and communication with clients on a totally new level, having radically reduced expenditures on the servicing of corporate infrastructure and having prepared corporate networks to data communication of required volume.


Corporate networks (VPN) of your company, which are built by AYOL NET allow:


  • to provide a high-speed protected information exchange between divisions;
  • to create an internal phone network with common short numbering;
  • to provide all the divisions with broadband Internet;
  • to use audio- and video conferencing;
  • to arrange centralized video surveillance after all objects.


Services of data centre:


The main rule which defines policy of our company is provision of all possible assistance in the development of our clients’ business. This policy concerns not only the big companies, but even those clients, who have installed their first server and are searching actively for the reliable partners for their business. It is an open secret that styles of work, time for reacting as well as cost of services in all companies differ.

An ultimate comfort and independence of your business can only be achieved alongside with the possibility to choose partners. Our company strives for holding the bar of quality on a maximum level preserving complete liberty with respect to the customer and his opportunity to compare and make sure of right choice. We offer:

  • placement of customer’s servers in Data centre (colocation)
  • registration, renewal, support, transfer of domain names
  • e-mail services (hosting for e-mail)
  • virtual hosting
  • virtual dedicated servers (VPS/VDS)
  • servers’ hosting (dedicated)